Tonnara High-End Audio System

Diapositive 1

It was a stormy day on a wild beach.
The beauty of nature, the sparkling light,
the power of the waves, and the wind
were in harmony for a fantastic show.
Then I thought about the absolute audio system
that I had been dreaming of for so long.
It would create the same feelings.
An infinite passion has made a reality of this dream.
The beach has given of its fine sand,
and its name to the Tonnara System.

Diapositive 1

With State Of The Art of electroacoustic techniques,
Tonnara is an integrated audio system.
Exceptional loudspeakers are transcended by
the multi-active amplification, the feedback processing,
the digital crossover and correction.
Masterpiece of Art and Technology,
it combines high-tech and tradition.
The craftsmanship of the instrument maker, lacquerer,
contributes to making every speaker
an instrument of exception.

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Tonnara Audio Système Haute-Fidélité d'exception

Tonnara Audio Système Haute-Fidélité d'exception